Just Dessert


July Second, my special friend sent mail to my cell phone about how beat she was from the hot and humid weather. I responded back about how it wasn’t so bad and how well I survived the day. Well, today must have been payback… I was dragging all day; and, to top it off, I had a long busy day. I was teaching straight through from first to fifth period, got a surprise visit from Board of Ed. officials during fifth period, ran directly to a planning meeting for summer seminars from my last class, exited the meeting at its proper end time to head home, print photos, and run to my photo society monthly meeting. The monthly meeting is always followed by our late dinner/drinking party, so I got home just before midnight.

The seminar planning meeting started early, so I was playing catch up when I got there. It ran over a bit as well, so it wasn’t done when I left. As a result, I was on the phone with the facilitator until almost 1 am (yes, I am back dating this post.) Anyhow, I will pretend like it is not my age or physical condition that created my fatigue. I will lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the hot and humid weather.

Kutakuta (くたくた) was the phrase my friend used to describe her condition. The Japanese dictionary provides three definitions: something well-boiled to the point of crumbling from its original shape; being pulled down by a weakened and exhausted state; crumbling into small pieces (as in crushed bones). I will try to figure out how to work my antonym dictionary, so I can give you encouraging terms as well; however, I will refrain from using the synonym dicitonary, which I have learned, in order to avoid discouraging anyone.


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