New Link in Blogroll


I don’t add a lot of links to my blogroll, which is currently stashed at the bottom of the right-hand column. Today I received a comment from Titus2Woman and realized it came from a comment I left back on January 18th, titled SiLLiNeSS. Curious what had drawn me someplace half a year ago, I followed the link and was touched and amused by the post again. Today’s post also got my attention so I looked around a little more.

The title, Always a Work in Progress, and the subtitle, More People Fail From a Lack of Encouragement Than Anything Else, both caught my eye. Very convicting and humbling but also encouraging. The blog is registered as Titus2Woman, which inspired me to grab my closest Bible and re-read Titus 2 to see what kind of woman that is. Recently I have been very aware of how little I’ve been reading the Good Book and it’s sad, so I was very thankful for another source of motivation. Naturally, I discovered that Titus 2 has just as much to say about what kind of man I should be…

She is also into crocheting, for those who are interested in yarn-buying habits and such.

Anyhow, I think many folks would find enjoyment or inspiration in the amusing and informative posts. Have a look-see.


3 Responses to “New Link in Blogroll”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    AW! This made my day~you are too kind! I would love to return the kindness~you’ll see your blog in my sidebar as well! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~GOOD FOR YOU for pickin’ up that Bible again~WOOHOOO!

  2. titus2woman Says:

    ETA that IMO, the very funniest SiLLiNeSS! posts ever come from the entire month of March, 2006. Only, I hope they don’t blow my Titus 2 image…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. びっくり Says:


    I’ll check out March SiLLiNeSS for 2006

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