My Crush


Fighting Windmills inspired me to do the Flickr Mosaic Meme the other day. Question number five was: Who is your celebrity crush? I chose Mitsuura Yasuko (光浦靖子) because I have been attracted to her since I first saw her on TV. (She’s the one on the left in the photo.)

Most people here do a double take when I name her as a desirable celebrity. She is not typically considered beautiful and wears her trademark heavy-rimmed glasses, but she has some quality that I find very inticing. Also, she is very bright, which is always a turn-on for me. (No runway models or beauty pageant finalists for me.) Although Japanese people say she isn’t attractive, the fact that she appears on every major network, belies the fact that they also see something in her.

I really enjoyed watching her on the NHK (public broadcasting) Education channel. She was helping explain the usage of shikashi (しかし) and dakara (だから), if memory serves me correctly. She was tying sentences together with these conjuctions which mean ‘but’ and ‘so’. One example was “I didn’t like comedy so I became a comedian.” When to use shikashi or dakara is really dependent on the feelings of the speaker. In her case, she was disappointed with all the mediocre comedy, so she studied hard to develop her language skills and create a higher form of comedy. Hence, she used dakara to tie the sentences together.

It is possible that they were discussing noni (のに) and node (ので) which have similar meanings and uses. In any case, her intellect and levity raised my interest further. Perhaps I will have some chance to meet her, she runs in different circles from me, but she lives in Nagoya. Maybe an interesting person with whom to chat.


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