Bragging Rights


Some of the schools where I teach create their own lesson plans, but I have been given responsibility for creating curriculum and lesson plans for a few of the schools. One school scheduled an intensive two week session, which presented me with a difficult proposition. To add a little challenge, I was introduced to them on Friday, June 13th and the program started on Monday the 16th.

Generally I do a self introduction on the first day of class. I cover seven points using useful grammar for self-expression. The students generally pick up the meaning by watching me carefully. At the end I explain that they understood a lot of difficult English by being observant. Generally, I hope to build confidence. After that I tell them that I expect them to be able to do these introductions by the end of the school year. Often this is met with a bit of skepticism, but given a year of weekly classes, I believe I can get them there.

At this new school, I clarified my thinking and decided that given two weeks, I could still guide them to giving their introductions. From class two to class six I taught them a set of related vocabulary words and a target sentence. For today’s class, all of the students stood up and gave introductions. The seven points were:

  1. My name is ______.
  2. I am from Japan.
  3. I have three turtles. (or two goldfish, or no pets, or …)
  4. I have two sisters and one brother. (or one sister, or …)
  5. I like spaghetti. (or falcons, or red, or Kyoko, or …)
  6. I can play baseball (or do a cartwheel, or …)
  7. My hobby is reading books (or catching insects, or …)

Of course the students are mostly responsible for putting the effort into this task, and their teachers really rose to the challenge as well, but I can’t help but feel proud that I could get them there so quickly; maybe I can become a good teacher. I was really excited when the 6th grade teacher told me that my methods really helped her as well!

Two days in December I will revisit this school. I am trying to figure out how to link something so distant to what we just studied. I may have to let that go and just have fun teaching about Christmas and New Year’s.


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