Dawning of a New Age


Yakudoshi (厄年) is a concept in Japan of an “unfortunate age”. For women it is typically 19, 33, and 60 years of age; and for men 25, 42, and 60 years of age. Many people feel that great misfortune comes in those years. My gut reaction is, “Hogwash.” and I feel I am continually blessed with goodness each year and each day. That said, I must admit that in the last year a lot of trials have come my way. I still feel that the blessings far outweigh the difficulties and certainly come in more abundance than I would merit. I have also noticed a slide in my attitude on many issues so, I am willing to adopt the yakudoshi concept on this day…

Yakudoshi Owari HaircutOf course, today is the day that I become a year older and I have left yakudoshi behind. As a symbol of creating the new Bikkuri I planned to shave my head. So far that has proven difficult to arrange for scheduling reasons, but at the time of this writing I got my head sheared with a 0.5 mm guard. I snapped a shot from the reverse camera on my cell phone. By the time you are reading this, I might have gotten that last 0.5 mm removed as well. (I just found out a girl I am trying to impress liked my curly locks… I hope I have something more to get her attention.)

Today’s plan is to catch an early morning train to Akame Shijuhachi Taki (赤目四十八滝) and stroll amongst the 48 waterfalls in a secret valley which used to be part of a ninja training facility. There is a sect in Japan whose initiates shave their heads and meditate under a waterfall. For amusement more than meditation, I hope to sit under a fall and get some photos snapped.

There will be a few hours of break time before an evening party at my home. Naturally, break means I will be cooking and changing clothes. I’m not sure how many guests will come, but we maybe looking at 20 or more. I post-dated this entry because I am trying to give daily posts and I don’t expect to have my hands on a computer all day.


One Response to “Dawning of a New Age”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    I look forward to the waterfall shots!

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