Rule 2: Revisited


Long ago I posted my rules:

On Thursday I wanted to cry twice at school, but toughed it out. At the end of my second grade class at that school we always sing the “Good Bye” song (to the tune of Happy Birthday). When I started to sing, I noticed that the kids were not singing the same thing as me. I stopped singing and listened to them. They were singing Happy Birthday. Normally when we sing, about half of the kids are really into it and belting out a tune. This time every kid was putting their heart into it. Their pronunciation was also spectacular; clearly they had been practicing. I’ve probably only taught them three or four times and already they care that much about me. I managed to keep the tears back and at the end of the song commenced with my thank yous and well-wishing, but the teacher barked out, “Wait!”

Next she gave a cue to the students and they all rushed me with handmade cards in their cute little hands. I said two dozen thank yous as I collected the cards. I took the cards to the office and let my lunch sit for awhile as I read them all.

I guess there was a third almost-cried event when I met the teacher at the end of the day and was thanking her. We had a very heartfelt conversation about caring for people. Classes like this make up for a lot of troublesome classes.

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