Squeezing Bikkuri


Part of making the new Bikkuri at the end of the unfortunate age (厄年) requires putting forth a lot of effort. Steps are being taken now to get this in full swing before Saturday. As a result, my schedule is pretty well booked up day and night. I was hoping for a breather Friday afternoon between work (which ends at 4pm) and a clandestine meeting at 6:30pm which will run through 9:30pm. No such luck, if a tight schedule wasn’t enough, Bikkuri is getting the squeeze.

Next week, instead of jumping from school to school everyday, I will teach for two straight weeks at one school. I haven’t met them yet. I don’t know what sort of program they expect. I don’t know how many students they have… Our coordinator was supposed to introduce me to them and didn’t seem too concerned when I called him yesterday to see if that had happened. His job is frighteningly busy and he knocks himself out for us, so I won’t be complaining about his attitude. Unfortunately, 4:30 Friday is the only time they can meet me. This means I will be missing my break, working after hours, and there will be no work hours between meeting them and showing up Monday to start their program. He told me not to worry about this… that could mean they won’t expect me to teach on Monday… or that could mean, “Hey, you’ve pulled tougher stuff than this out of the fire… you can do it!” In either case, I have the “first lesson” routine down to a science now, so I won’t worry.

A bald friend also threw me a curve today… as a result, I will be meeting him after my clandestine meeting on Friday. I’ll be on the go for about 17 hours straight and need to catch a 7:50am train for the Saturday adventures. I expect Saturday to be much longer than Friday, but loaded with play time for my birthday. Sunday I have a concert and then I will meet a special friend.

I am feeling the pinch, but I am very excited for the future!

On other fronts, someone was trying to sell me a traditional Japanese home. They said it was big, but they gave me the measurements in tsubo (坪), so it wasn’t quite tracking. After converting to meters, I realized it is almost 1000 square meters. For you jokers in America that’s about 10,000 square feet. I guess they meant BIG! Now I want to see the house. I think I have more capital in my Redmond house than the asking price of this one, but if I ever sell that, I could probably never move home. Land prices there climb even when the rest of the country is suffering. Oh, well, it can’t hurt to look…


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