Why We Need God


Sunday just after noon a nut job drove a rental truck into a crowded crosswalk, left the vehicle and started stabbing people around him. At least 8 people have died and several others were taken to hospitals. After his capture he reportedly said he was tired of the world.

Many vexing things occur during the average lifespan, but out response to the trials is critical. True faith in God leaves us with an understanding that none of our trials are uncommon to man. To think that we have somehow suffered more horribly than others is rather arrogant and selfish. We are also reminded to consider others more valuable than ourselves. Our trials should bring us joy.

I’m sorry that this man lost his way so far to think that his being tired somehow justified his assault. I hope he is able to understand this at some point. I hope that God reminds us all to take care of one another.


3 Responses to “Why We Need God”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Very sad. You’re right, the response to suffering should be a sense of solidarity, not a sense of superiority.

  2. fightingwindmills Says:

    I agree with you, Bikkuri. Thanks for writing out those thoughts.

  3. びっくり Says:

    Today I was able to avoid the TV, but apparently they were talking about this all day long. Over dinner I caught a few minutes of the news coverage. The assailant was sending text messages to someone telling them he wanted to kill people and he didn’t care who. Clearly he was crying out for attention. Often, I think our ways of “interacting” nowadays actually isolate us. Human beings are social animals and need real communication and contact.

    I appreciate all the book lovers because they want to engage each other when they post comments. I also appreciate things like my calligraphy class, where we are sitting together trying to improve upon a common skill. I have been considering joining a wadaiko (和太鼓 – Japanese drum) group as well. Many of the social interaction factors apply, plus you get to pound on something.

    Seeing the suffering and the harm has encouraged me to be more careful about communicating with God. Something I don’t write about much here, but various factors have interfered with my relationship. Recently many things have been working together to remind of how much better my life is when I am relying on Him for guidance and support.

    Saturday is a turning point symbolically, but the turn actually starts before the corner. 🙂

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