Sunday Soundcheck 14


Now it’s time for ‘ge‘, represented in katakana as ゲ and hiragana as げ.

My goal for the soundcheck is to include words which usually don’t come up in textbooks and can be used in conversation regularly. My bias comes into play here as I offer gerende (ゲレンデ) which means “ski run”; a word that should be in everyone’s daily conversation. This comes from the German word ‘Gelände’, which I think means ‘land’, ‘grounds’, ‘terrain’. The Japanese word specifically refers to areas that are maintained for skiing.

In case you aren’t a skier, I’ll throw in geemusofuto (ゲームソフト), which means ‘video game software’.

Geinoujin (芸能人) is a word I have heard often, it refers to entertainers and TV personalities. Many people also use the word tarento (タレント) to refer to these folks – although sometimes they have no specific ‘talent’. Most people seem fascinated with the idea of fame.

Next week we wrap up the G column with ‘go‘.

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