It’s Just Tofu


Two years ago if you asked me what kind of tofu I was eating, I would have answered, “It’s just tofu.”; however, because it is a staple in the diet here, I am learning more about it every month. Also, one of my photo society colleagues owns an organic tofu company.

Momen (木綿・cotton) is the most common type. Cotton fabric is actually used in the process.

Kinu (絹・silk) has a silkier texture, which means most foreigners would have difficulty picking it up with chopsticks. A delicate touch is needed to keep from pinching through the tofu.

Yose (寄せ・draw together) is very soft and sometimes curd-like. At Sakamoto’s they use this type in a very tasty (and simple) salad. Sometimes I use a similar recipe at home.

Funny how things change with experience. There are also many different names for the way the beans are raised and the types of beans. Maybe I will write about that another time.


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