Open Door Policy


Japanese garbage sorting is very detailed. Monday through Friday, different trucks come through to pick up different kinds of trash on different days. For my neighborhood, Mondays and Thursdays are burnable garbage; which predominantly means food waste. Having the days evenly spaced helps avoid bug problems. Friday is plastic day. Normal plastic waste goes out on this day. Bottles made from PET are put out on recycle day, and hard plastics (CDs, buckets, hoses, etc.,) are put out on a special day. Recycle day comes but once a month and bottles and jars day is also limited.

In the mornings I am a bit busy and don’t always remember to bundle up the recyclables the night before. Often I have to wait two or three months to get my items out for pick up. At least the collection site for my block is in my driveway. Yesterday I had bottle and jars to put out. I left the house with the glass items and my school supplies. Having my hands full, I could not easily lock my door. Being the “clever” person I am, I left the door ajar so that I wouldn’t forget to go back and lock it…

You guessed it! Nine hours later, I returned from school to find my door open. My front doors are two sliding doors, one of which has a mail slot. Someone came and delivered a magazine through the slot, but otherwise nothing had changed. Probably any thieves who came were shocked at the mess in my entry hall and fled in terror. I was hoping one would break in to do some cleaning.

Normally, I try not to make things too inviting for criminals. I’ll be a little more watchful now.


3 Responses to “Open Door Policy”

  1. fightingwindmills Says:

    Ah yes, memories of garbage sorting in Japan where renters can be evicted for doing it incorrectly. I’m glad it turned out okay.

  2. Stefanie Says:

    At least you know you live in a pretty good neighborhood. My husband left the house once with the garage door wide open and the door from the garage into the house open and not a thing went missing. Made us feel pretty good, but we’ve been very careful ever since because fate should not be tempted 🙂

  3. sunkissd1 Says:

    If your house scared them away, I’d hate to see their reaction to Alyssa’s room!!

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