Rear-End Collision


I thought this would go hand-in-hand with the near-death experience post. I was running behind schedule this morning and, inevitably got caught behind an elderly man on a narrow street. He was driving about 15 kph and crawled to a stop every time we came near any students. We got to the end of the road and I was pondering calligraphy or something while waiting for him to clear the intersection.

I wasn’t paying much attention as he pulled forward a little and a few seconds later became afraid and started backing up… fast. The bright white back-up lights drew my entire mind into the present. Having another vehicle behind me left me with only one choice. Although I despise the use of horns in cars, they do indeed have a proper function – to draw attention to a dangerous situation in a manner that will prompt its rectification – and this was the time. I beat the horn repeatedly, and the old man turned around, revealing that he was actually a young lady, she stopped a few centimeters from my front bumper.

Based on her fear and hesitancy in safe circumstances, I am guessing we were mostly lucky that there was no impact. After that I got stuck behind a line of cars several times longer than normal on my favorite back road.

Of course, any stress I felt in the circumstance is really my doing: had I left with plenty of time to arrive at my destination the problems would have been fairly simple. I guess the near-collision could be stressful, regardless of schedule.


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