Near Death Experience


Let me be clear that this was not my death we were near; although, back in November 2005, I did have a close call in exactly the same place. This time I was driving to Anto Elementary (安東小学校) on Thursday morning. A junior high kid in his dress uniform was heading into traffic on my side of the road. He looked wobbly, as is usual for youths on bikes here, so I was already cautious. Suddenly he looked over his shoulder which caused him to veer out from the guardrail, making me much more nervous. As I was slowing, he turned around and took a 90 degree turn across the narrow road. I jammed the brake and he cleared my bow by about a meter. The car behind me thankfully stopped in time as well. The boy continued blissfully down the road; I rolled forward slowly as I waited for my heart to continue beating. I don’t want to be known as the teacher that kills students.


One Response to “Near Death Experience”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    That might make for an interesting rumor…I’d be willing to bet only your most daring student would misbehave….

    Today I was driving west on 164th which is quite a busy 4 lane street. There was a huge distraction off to one side. As I got closer it appeared to be some kind of memorial. On the way back, I slowed down as much as I could, saw the flowers, balloons, and various tributes. I wrote the girl’s name and looked her up on the Seattle Times website later. It turns out she and her friend were standing on the sidewalk last Friday night around 11pm. A truck, for some unknown reason, jumped the curb hitting the girls, killing one and not seriously injuring the other.

    Goes to show, you always have to be on your toes.

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