Happy Anniversary


Today is the fourth anniversary of my arrival in Japan. (And the six-week anniversary of my last post.) Usually the school computers are locked down so tight that no practical use of the internet is possible; yet, today I discovered my Tuesday school has a machine which gives me blog access. Yay!

A lot seems to have changed here, including those annoying ‘possibly related’ links. I’ll have to waste a little time investigating how to disable that. It would be useful if it was showing related links I have posted.

Just for fun, here is my growing list of things I want to buy:

  • SLR digital camera (with some lenses and a tripod)
  • New printer (8 or 10 color) for printing photos (up to A3 size?)
  • Digital DVD recorder for saving TV programs to watch when I have time
  • New laptop to replace my 10 year old which is literally melting
  • Kimono, seta, and geta (and new zori) because yukata are for Summer
  • Motorcycle
  • New car
  • Mamachari – mama’s bike (so my roadbike can be used for real riding)
  • Kakejiku of someone’s calligraphy for my tokonoma (found a pair of slender ones for $3000, but don’t know if I want to spend that much)
  • Traditional style house
  • Digital video camera (for youtube)
  • Pants (my jeans are literally falling apart and I won’t be home until August)

Anyone wanting to help out here let me know (wink wink). More detail on why these things are on my list later. Some amusing stories included, of course.


6 Responses to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Saori Nakata Says:

    Hi Erik,

    I’m your old friend, remember? Firstly congratulations on your 4th anniversary. It was an amazing coincidence to find your page on the anniversary day afer 15 years blank.
    Hope keep in touch!


  2. kevenker Says:

    Happy anniversary. I’m glad you’re back online. It is appalling that I’m posting more often than you right now! 🙂 Talk to my friend James before you get a new digital SLR. I’ll pick you up a pair of jeans if you let me know your size… 🙂


  3. fightingwindmills Says:

    Bikkuri, happy fourth anniversary! I could also send you a pair of jeans. It’s the only thing on your list I could afford. Let me know.

    To remove those possibly related links, go to “extras” in the “design” part of your dashboard and check the box.

  4. Sylvia Says:

    What, did you win the lottery or something? Hey, don’t forget who your real blog friends are!!! 😉

  5. びっくり Says:

    Sylvia – I certainly didn’t win the lottery. If I had, then I would still be posting everyday and the list of things I want to buy would be shrinking, not growing. I won’t forget you. Thanks for the email to check up on me, it was much appreciated.

    FW – Thanks for the tip on the new links. As expected they won’t be hard to eliminate. It’s a little annoying that they automatically appeared. Good design philosophy would have defaulted to how I already set things. I’ll check it out and turn it off if I can’t make it do what I want. Today, the first link was one with profanity in it: I don’t want anyone thinking there is a ‘possible relation’ to me.

    Kev – I will certainly ping James for some advice; although, I may be required to buy what my koshi sensei recommends. I think I am ok on jeans. I bought cheap pants (like Dockers) at Uniqlo that fit pretty well. I can still wear the jeans to casual activities, but they are not so good for school now. Also, I have two nice track suits, which are almost like formal attire for school wear. When I come home I can buy jeans that fit my hips.

    さおりーちゃん 久しぶり。 十六年間の間に全然連絡しなかったごめんなさい。今どこに住んでいますか?家族全員はお元気ですか?今は皐月晴れけれどこれから段々暑く成っているから夏バテに御注意下さいね。又会いましょう!(^-^)/

  6. kevenker Says:

    You need to post some pics of you in a track suite! LOL!!

    Why are track suits so popular outside of the US?

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