Still Crazy


Things are still a little nuts here. If I had more will power, I would be blogging; however, the little bit of spare time I have is being spent unwinding in front of the TV. This is the first week of the school year, which is always crazy, and I have six schools – for six times the craziness – but you won’t here me complain because this is what I wanted. I interviewed a third candidate for my friend’s school. The first two were from Sri Lanka and Paraguay; the third is from Brazil. The Brazilian said she just started studying English three years ago… I can’t believe how well she speaks English in such a short time. Hopefully the owner will line someone up this week, so I can have a little more of my evening time for blogging and sleeping. Tomorrow night is photo society, so I probably won’t be blogging. Oh, almost forgot, there maybe some more guest posts from the Madkat.


7 Responses to “Still Crazy”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Can you confirm this?:

  2. Stefanie Says:

    Hope life settles down for you soon!

  3. びっくり Says:

    Sylvia – I’ll let you know if I see anything like that.

    Stefanie – thanks! I think we have passed the cusp. Last night I think we got the teacher for my friend’s school. Once I get the curriculum established for the schools where they are relying on me, it will be more like clockwork. Of course, I will always be finding ways to keep myself busy. 🙂

  4. verbivore Says:

    Saw this this morning and thought you might enjoy, from a 1965 interview with Mishima about a translation of his work:

    Mr. Mishima always writes in Japanese and never changes a translation. “The translator asks me thousands of questions,” he said, “but I don’t mind small mistakes.” He was amused, not angry, when the translator of an earlier novel rendered the word “yatsuhashi” as “eighth bridge,” which is a perfectly correct alternate reading of the characters that the author intended to mean a kind of cake sold in Kyoto. “The translator really had to struggle with that sentence to have it make sense with a bridge in it,” he said, chuckling.

  5. びっくり Says:

    That is indeed amusing. I enjoy Yatsuhashi very much. They make one dessert that looks like a piece of cinnamon bark, but is much sweeter. I was discussing this same concept with some teachers who were translating place names and the names of schools. We have Tsu Nishi, Tsu Higashi and Tsu High Schools here in Tsu (city). Someone said some sports teams have Tsu West High and Tsu East High on their shirts. At least they didn’t translate the city name as well: Harbor West High and Harbor East High would be a bit odd. For school names I prefer leaving the entire name in Japanese.

  6. kevenker Says:

    Sheesh. It sounds like your schedule is like mine! I hope ours are cosmically linked and we can each lessen the other’s pace a bit!

  7. びっくり Says:

    Kev – I think we may be linked. Fortunately, I just discovered a way to make time for a little blogging. I hope this window is open next week as well. So, what’s your new icon all about?

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