Classical Guitar Concert


Sunday morning I gave an interview for another school. Lacking confidence in her ability to evaluate a native speaker for the job, the school owner called me in to help. The interviewee was from Sri Lanka. Several interesting points came up. One was that she studied Islam at a Catholic school. I think she will be getting the job, but the final decision is not mine. The boss also gave me a little thank you envelope which will put a dent in my extra bills this month.

Afterward, my friend in Ise came to visit. We watched a classical guitar concert and then had some shitake soup at a cafe. One of my students performed in the concert. I was most pleased with one piece, a quartet (or was it a quintet?), in which there was a lot of plucking that reminded me of harpsichord music. A choral group performed as well. They sang Sampo, which is very fun and one of my favorites. The opening act was kind of famous: Kami Fuusen (紙ふうせん). All funds raised were for guide dogs. Apparently there are only twelve dogs in our prefecture and the government doesn’t provide funding for them.

Sometimes vegetarians complain about eating in Japan. Ordinarily, that might seem silly, since we eat so many kinds of vegetation here, but the problem made itself clear at lunch. We ordered shitake soup. The mushroom broth was very rich and tasty. The thinly sliced ham was also tasty. Yes, there was ham in the soup. That’s fine for me, but a vegetarian would have been taken by surprise, since there was no hint on the menu.


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