Top Deck


Got up Friday morning to send off Kat. We rode in the upper deck on the boat ride to the airport. It costs a bit more, but there’s never anyone up there, so it is like riding to the airport in your living room.

We hunted up some souvenirs and she ran through passport control, eager to return to her kitties and African gray. The weather was clear, so hopefully she is on the ground in Seattle now.

It was pretty neat having someone visit from America. My last guests were almost three years ago; hopefully, I won’t have to wait three more years for my next.

Highlights for the next few days: Saturday – Easter egg hunting and monthly clean copy submission in shuji class; Sunday – interviewing a potential teacher for another school and classical guitar concert with a friend; Monday (and/or Tuesday) – interviewing for the Board of Education contract. Hopefully, I am a lock for the position, but I’ll move forward on the assumption that I’ll have to earn it. Monday evening I should have a chance to just relax.


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