Big Boys Bumping Bellies


Another short post. Trying to live my normal (or somewhat normal) life here, while simultaneously escorting my guest around. Very tired… no time.

Early morning shower. Cruised to the elementary school for graduation ceremony. Prepared my job application… and submitted it. That was a little tricky. It involved several steps. Convinced two people to write letters of recommendation: one in English; one in Japanese (its good to know a lot of people.) Went to a clinic to get a physical. Found that they required a form which was not included in my package. Went to the Board of Ed. and got the form. Went home, because the clinic is closed from Noon to 3pm, and printed a resume, copied my passport, copied my foreigner registration card. Headed back to the clinic to get poked and prodded and pee in a cup. The doctor said I was normal – good thing he doesn’t do mental eval. Returned home to write a two page essay about the purpose of my life. Oh, forgot to mention lunch after school. I ran out of the restaurant to get a passport size photo from the machine in front of the station. Finally, with all these docs accumulated, I returned to the Board of Ed. and asked them if they could reuse the copy of my diploma which I gave them in 2006.

That settled, I rushed to my photo society meeting. I was considering skipping, but my presence was strongly requested (I hate being able to read subtlety in Japanese cell phone emails) so I went. It is the last monthly meeting of the year, so it was important. Turns out that not being present might have resulted in the meetings being moved to a day when I could not attend – I was the only person to speak against the move and then the instructor came to my aid.

Had a nice dinner with the top photographer, the instructor, and the chapter head before heading home for a nice, piping hot, relaxing bath. Now I will post this and get to sleep. About 4 hours remain before we wake up to head to the sumo tournament in Osaka. Definitely more on that later. Also, expect more guest posts. I am having trouble convincing my contributor to contribute, but I can see she has written four drafts that she hasn’t submitted. (And people think I fuss over things too much.)

2 Responses to “Big Boys Bumping Bellies”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Do you ever have a day in which you do absolutely nothing? You made me tired just reading about your day!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Stefanie – I sometimes have days where I just stare at “the square window to hell” all day. (That means ‘the TV’ for the record.) These days of decompression are nice, but can be a bit wasteful. It would probably be better to curl up with a book.

    My weekend schedule has gotten pretty busy, but it will be fun: Easter egg hunt with adult class at “The Tea House”; clean copy of this month’s shuji works; farewell party for Travis; Interviewing a potential teacher for another school (as a favor); lunch and classical guitar concert date with a friend; and hopefully, an easy Sunday evening. Monday or Tuesday I should be interviewing for my next job. The job starts on the first, so hopefully they will notify me soon.

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