I Can’t Go Anywhere…


I can’t go anywhere without running into someone I know. My guest and I went for a long walk to see some sights around town. We were walking to the main post office to convert travelers’ checks into Japanese currency and, as we passed behind the castle grounds, I noticed a lady making a cute little smirk.

It was a friend of Joli Mama with her daughter, they were watching me as they approached to see how long it would take before I spotted them. We chatted for a few seconds and moved on. She lives out in the countryside, so I’m not sure why she was walking there, but there she was.

After the post office we walked past the restaurant where I got the Japanese cooking lesson recently. When we approached the next street, the owner appeared on her bike. After that we headed all the way down to Yuuki Jinja (結城神社)to get a look at the plum blossoms.

At the shrine, two young ladies from Ise wanted to chat in English. We were very impressed with their abilities and passed quite a bit of time talking amidst the beauty. One of them noticed a man approaching with his wife and two small children. By chance, it was a co-worker of hers. However, his wife is a former co-worker of mine. What an amusing little twist.

The family was chatting with us for awhile before they realized that the girls talking to us weren’t longtime friends, rather we had just met. That raised some eyebrows. It’s a small world.


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