Plums and Prickly Book Readers


Plum Blossom at Yuuki JinjaI went to Yuuki Jinja (結城神社) last week. It is a shrine in Tsu (津) which is near the beach. They are known for their weeping plums. Cherry blossoms (桜) are considered one of the ultimate expressions of Japanese beauty: delicate, pretty, and fleeting. We long for the cherry blossom season to come, but while we are waiting, we can enjoy the plum blossoms (梅). They are also beautiful, but that beauty is more complex and longer-lasting.

I neglected to bring my camera along, but I snapped a shot with my cell phone. Unfortunately the macro software thought the perimeter of the picture should be in focus. You can click through to see a larger image, but don’t expect anything amazing.

On another topic: today’s Prickly City cartoon caught my attention. This cartoon takes place in a desert town with cacti, hence the name “Prickly”; it also makes political barbs, hence the name “Prickly”. Generally I think the author is very conservative and pokes more fun at the very liberal coyote, Winslow, who often tries the impossible (i.e., flying); however, he is not shy about making cutting remarks about the Republican departure from Republican values. Perhaps one of the most balanced strips out there.

Today, he made a comment about book readers, from which my readers who love books might get a laugh.


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