Spot On


New or re-covered tatami mats have a nice green color to them since the outer surface is made from fine tightly woven grass. As they age, they fade and turn the color of, well… dried grass. Tatami discoloration 3This process occurs quite rapidly; much to my surprise.

Because I have more room than one person needs, when I first moved in I spread stacks of books and papers out on the mats to help me organize. Naturally, I got distracted and left the books there for awhile. When I eventually moved them, I found these discolored patches underneath.

My first apartment had serious mold issues, so I suffered some alarm at finding greenish powdery material. If I rubbed them with a cloth, most of the coloring came up. Ultimately, I established that it was just the natural process of the grass drying. I rubbed them down with a slightly damp cloth and kept them aired. The colors grew closer in shade after that. Live and learn!


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