Sunday Soundcheck 10


Time to wrap up the ‘K’ column with ‘ko‘, written in hiragana as こ and katakana as コ.

koraagen (コラーゲン) is ‘collagen’. This word is used a lot in discussions about beauty and health care products. Recently, I have seen an ad several times for nomu-koraagen (飲むコラーゲン), which is drinkable collagen. That sounds a little disgusting to me, but it’s purported to do wonders for the consumer.

Since we’re on the topic of health, I’ll pick a word for hiragana from the same realm.

kouketsuatsu (こうけつあつ) means ‘high blood pressure’. We write it in kanji as 高血圧; very literally, ‘high’, ‘blood’, and ‘pressure’.

So ends the five characters in the ‘K’ column, but don’t worry, next week it will make a comeback performance. Please check in and see.


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