Time Shift


At some point my total number of comments passed 1000. However, it seemed like it jumped about 10 when only a couple comments came. Should I go back and count all of them?…

Yesterday I was trying to connect people needing jobs and people needing workers. However, an interesting governmental hurdle came up. One person is married to a Japanese citizen. If they make less than a million yen per year, they can be considered a dependent and only have to pay ten percent of medical expenses.

While having most of your expenses covered, this points to one of the weaknesses of a welfare system. In this case, the worker has little incentive to take a better paying job because it will sharply increase their expenditures.

It seems the next president will try to fix insurance and health care problems in America. Hopefully they won’t put in too many of these disincentives. For an economy to thrive we need lots of workers who are excited to generate business, not workers who are afraid to make too much.


One Response to “Time Shift”

  1. Kelsey Hough Says:

    I think you posted this while I was commenting on another post, because when I came back to the main page there was something new at the top.

    I think you should go through a count every, single one of the comments. Just to check if it’s right. 😉


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