Getting Organized


Printed the final copy of my speech. Paid my rent. Rushed off to shuji class. Grabbed a quick dinner at Sakamoto’s. Organized my shuji works. Headed for bed. A few other things took place, but they either aren’t worth talking about or I don’t want to talk about them.

I realized that the speech doesn’t express my closing point as well as I would like. Two points I wanted to add in would have been better than some of what made the final cut. If only I’d spent more time preparing, but the schedule was a little tough for that. I think the closing is good, hopefully it will be good enough to cover the rest. Now I just need to practice a bit more while riding the trains north in the morning.

By the time I got to shuji class, it was pretty late, but I was able to draw a fairly nice copy of one work and a halfway decent copy of another. There are three more classes to practice these works, so I was pretty excited for my prospects this month.

Every month I submit “clean copies” of my shuji works and they are graded. I have been keeping those in two file B4-sized file folders. Recently I found a file folder with 40 pockets in it; tonight I transferred all the contents of the other two folders into it. Around September, this one should be full and I’ll use the thinner folders for my newest works. When I visit the folks in Inazawa, they always want to see my work, so I figured I’d bring the new folder along.

Tomorrow, I catch a 7:35 train to Nagoya, to get to Inazawa about 9am. I will be early enough to review the speech again before the contest. Six other countries will be represented tomorrow. I thought I was supposed to be one of the more advanced participants, but I was surprised when I read the “beginners” titles. Either they’re sandbagging, or someone wrote their speeches for them. Anyhow, we’ll see how it goes.

A couple people asked me if I would be able to have notes for the speech. Nobody said anything about memorizing my speech, so I assume I can have notes. I hope I don’t get a rude awakening tomorrow. If they don’t let me use the notes, I’m sure I couldn’t do it.


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