Falling into Place


Chaos was playing its part this week, yet everything is falling into place. The website translation work was supposedly finished yesterday afternoon, but this morning a few glaring errors came up. I had to juggle that into a preparations for graduation type ceremonies, but we managed to get that straight. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be asking for an extension until Monday, since our contact couldn’t meet with the customers in the afternoon. I expect the government will be happy, since they slid the start date out by a week; however, I was personally disappointed. Perhaps I shouldn’t set the bar so high.

This activity cut into my speech writing time. I was meeting with my teacher at 5pm to clean things up, but I was a bit deflated and couldn’t properly prepare. My teacher is fortunately quite skillful and inspiring. We managed to realign parts of the speech and polish the wording so that it flowed into the closing well. We cut out some chaff, decided not to add some good, but unneeded points, and gave it a test run.

My first read was 4:54; just six seconds under the five minute goal. Tomorrow I can make a couple tweaks, add some furigana to guide me through some tough spots, print it out, and practice reading it a hundred times or so. We wrapped it up just in time to make my evening class in Fujikata.

My fear was that I would be adding key sentences tomorrow with no access to my teacher. While chit-chat is no problem for me, when I try to make sophisticated conversation at speech-level politeness, sometimes my sentences are a little contrived. Think “the equivalent of Mojo-Jojo sentences”. Looks like I can avoid that panic.

I spent a goofy evening chatting with a handful of lady friends. Tomorrow, off to calligraphy class and speech clean-up.


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