Four Restaurants at Lunchtime


There is a smoked ham restaurant I’ve been wanting to visit. Partly to see if good ham is to be found in Japan, and partly because it is in a remodeled minka (民家). These traditional style homes really draw me in. The first two times I hunted for this restaurant, I couldn’t find it. Today I found it and realized it was not where the maps say it is. Additionally, it is under major overhaul and won’t open until Monday. On to restaurant number two.

My first job here took me all over the prefecture: a horrible way to work, but a great way to find adventure. Recalling a small neighborhood shop where I used to eat, I headed there. The neighborhood is tucked up on a hillside where not too many folks go, but that didn’t stop a young guy from cooking up traditional dishes in a refitted shop. I enjoyed his company and the prices were cheap. Alas, no customers and cheap prices apparently took their toll – the shop was out of business. On to restaurant number three.

My favorite restaurateurs recommended their friend’s Chinese restaurant. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. Since it was (sort of) on my way back, I decided to give it a try. Apparently, this was their one day off. Looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer. On to restaurant number four.

Komeda Kohi is not really a restaurant, they are a coffee shop, but they serve light fare. It’s parking lot wraps around the office where I am doing translating work, so it seemed to be a good choice logistically. I had a light meal called Scrambled Egg Toast. There were two thick pieces of toast, but no scrambled eggs (or egg). Between the slices was a mixture of egg salad and spicy Chinese mustard. On top was cheese and another ingredient which I can’t recall. It was pretty tasty, although it was a little difficult to eat. By dinner, my stomach was growling. After my evening class, my student’s mother makes a nice meal.

Today’s meal had several tasty dishes, but the special Konbu (昆布) seaweed was really good. Also, her won ton soup was excellent.

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