Third Time’s a Charm


Yet again, snow is falling in Tsu. It’s the third time in a couple weeks. Usually we’re lucky to get a little dusting each year. On Sunday morning when we were preparing to leave on the photo society trip we got the second big snowfall. The expressway was closed and we had to adjust our itinerary considerably. One member was supposed to drive south from Nagoya in the morning, but instead he headed west to Osaka and we met him there. He parked at the airport and boarded the bus.

A friend booked two boxes at the upcoming sumo basho in Osaka for next month. This morning I got up to walk over to his place and deliver money for me and my friend, Kat, who is flying over for the tournament. When I left the house there was already a bit of snow, but it was a little wet. Halfway to the apartments I noticed the flakes were big, fluffy and dry. Perfect snowball snow.

Leaving the apartment building I discovered another teacher, The Californian, laying in ambush for his nemesis, The New Yorker (or should I say, The Manhattan? No… wait… is that Manhattanian? Oh, never mind… The New Yorker.) I gladly joined in, carefully choosing nice snow from a surface with low thermal mass – windshield glass – and packing a beautiful little piece of art. Upon exiting the elevator lobby, The New Yorker received a toss to the midsection. Fortunately he chose to be delighted by my perfectly spherical, lightly packed miracle instead of angry at the assault.

He made a round for return fire and, just by chance, we almost had some collateral damage when a businessman walked out from behind a building. I walked to Denny’s for an American-ish breakfast and headed home to get some work done. On the way home I tried to make a giant snowball, but found the warm parking lot made a giant slush ball instead.

I hope we aren’t heading into another Ice Age.


2 Responses to “Third Time’s a Charm”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    I find it ironic that in the late 90’s there was this constant fuss about El Nino and La Nina. We are apparently in another La Nina year and yet there is very little mention of it.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Remember last year, we got tons of press about what a horrible hurricane season was coming. It was all blamed on global warming… but it never happened. Not much reporting on the backside.

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