Getting the Straight Poop


Unko is a word I have heard all too often from small kids. It could be translated as ‘poop’. My training with the Royal Family Kids Camp taught me to be unshockable, so my students rarely resort to using the word more than once.

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear it used on the radio. Of course, it wasn’t really used on the radio, but it took me a few seconds to figure that out. They were announcing the unkou-jouhou (運航情報). Jouhou means report, as in “weather report”, so I thought it was strange there would be a “poop report”. You’ve probably already noticed that unko and unkou are different; although in practice, that difference is hard for native English speakers to pick up.

Unkou refers to navigation by ship or plane. I think the unkou-jouhou is a report of traffic conditions at the airport. Since I have never noticed this before, I would guess it only comes up during typhoons and freezing conditions. Sorry for my puerile post, but I needed to post something quick. I’ll be writing about Japanese paper and my calligraphy when I have a little more time to write them up.


4 Responses to “Getting the Straight Poop”

  1. kevenker Says:

    Hey, I’m always up for hearing about poop. Everybody does it! 🙂

  2. fightingwindmills Says:

    Great post! It’s funny how our brains work when we are trying to translate on the fly.

  3. びっくり Says:

    I was sad because this morning I didn’t get to hear a poop report: just music today.

  4. fightingwindmills Says:


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