Twenty-six Hour Day


Regular readers are starting to realize that I have a lot of weird modes. One mode is my 26 hour day. Really, we could probably just lump several of my modes into O-C disorder and be done. Sometimes I get focussed on something and it is hard for me to let it go. This often happens late at night; most likely because that is when all of the day’s activities could be put to rest and the mind is free to chew on things. Typically I will become exhausted and sleep at some point, but I have a bit of stamina (belligerence) and it might be late when I reach that point.

If I have several of these days in a row, then I need to sleep in more and more and the subsequent days get later and later. Last night I was trying to get caught up on blog reading, commenting and writing and found the clock striking 4 as I stumbled to the futon. Tonight, I am forcing an earlier end because I don’t want to be up until 6; especially since staying up until 8 on Friday is right out, being the time I start work that day. Perhaps sticking to a 24 hour schedule is wise.

This reminds me of the previous, previous, previous oldest person in the world. (I hope I got the right number of ‘previous’ in there, but the turnover rate on that title is fairly high.) Reportedly, she would stay up for two days and then sleep for two days. That always made me wonder if she was sleeping half the time or if the reporters were just rounding things off severely. After all, staying up two days and sleeping one would be more in keeping with the Western ratio of 8 hours sleep in a day. She was Japanese, so maybe she should have stayed up for three days and slept for one to keep the ratio in line. Anyhow, maybe when I’m 110 or so, I’ll try that out.

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