Cadbury’s is from Everywhere


Growing up I could always find goodies from Cadbury’s when we went on trips into British Columbia. I always thought it came from England, but that’s partly because I still thought it was called “British” because it was part of Britain. Recently one Canadian friend told me Cadbury’s chocolates are from Canada. At my local supermarket, I can find imported chocolates like Lindt. Little flags on the price tags indicate which country they are from. Cadbury’s has an Australian flag on the tag.

Some of my elementary school students are involved in a pen pal program with a school in New Zealand. On the wall are some posters showing us things from New Zealand. You know: kiwis, and all sorts of other exotic birds. One poster lists Cadbury’s chocolates.

I guess all these places have one thing in common: they used to be part of the British Empire. But, I did a little search and found that Cadbury’s is in England. I imagine that all of these countries have licensed factories.


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