Armed Robbery Attempt


Apparently there was an armed robbery attempt at the nearby AM/PM store on Monday morning at 4AM. The would-be robber was armed with a scythe. Not a big, two-handed, grim reaper type; we have small one-handed scythes for hunching over and cutting rice or grasses. I don’t know any other details except that he was unsuccessful and is apparently still at large.

In March of 2005 the Lawson’s Station convenience store was robbed, but the police nabbed that guy quickly. I blogged about it in the original Bikkuri Blog, which I have neglected to upload here. I think that guy went in around 7pm and let customers leave the store and the police box is about 40 meters away. Not the sharpest thief around.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: there have been monkey sightings around town. We’ve had a lot of cold weather and the monkeys are having trouble finding food in the mountains where they normally live, so they are coming down to hunt. The city has put out traps.

All of these items came up because my students who work for the Board of Education have to stay up on this stuff. They send announcements to all the schools about potentially dangerous issues.


7 Responses to “Armed Robbery Attempt”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Monkeys. Wow. All we get is deer eating our tulips.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Probably monkeys don’t like tulips. Maybe you should plant something they’ll eat. 😉 This reminds me of how my father would tell us that our terrier kept the elephants out of the yard. We expressed a lot of doubt, but he always made a clear case, “Well look. There are no elephants in the yard.” 😉

  3. Bellezza Says:

    It seems that crime is rampant every where you look. Please be safe, and don’t get too close to the monkeys! I always had nightmares about monkeys when I was little, probably due to the flying ones in The Wizard of Oz…

  4. verbivore Says:

    I am glad you clarified about the scythe because I was definitely stuck on a grim-reaper visual. Either way, quite scary.

    I hope the monkey traps are the kind that won’t hurt them. I have no idea if the monkeys are threatened (in numbers I mean) but still…

  5. びっくり Says:

    Yeah, I wanted to make sure nobody had an image of the two meter long American variety. I don’t know if this guy was so scary or not; I mean, he didn’t get any money. The two guys who work night shift are well over six foot, and the “thugs” who visit that store typically weigh in around 50 kg. Fortunately we are a little countrysidish, so this is still pretty rare.

    I expect that the traps are safe, the monkeys are numerous (in the nearby mountains), and they are not flying around wearing military outfits and looking for scarecrows to un-stuff.

  6. kevenker Says:

    Hopefully the guy won’t give the monkies scythes. That could be a real disaster! Because, no matter how responsible the monkey looks, never give him a scythe!

  7. びっくり Says:

    I might feel better with the scythe in the possession of a monkey, rather than the robber. I went to the AM/PM today to pay my credit card bill. It looked like business as usual.

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