Blogs and Links


A few places on the net that I feel a need to mention:

Incurable Logophilia – a blog written by Verbivore about her love of reading and experiences in Switzerland. Here’s a sentence from the about page:

Finally, I read for the absolute delight of reading. For hours spent quietly, calmly, with words and pages. With new ideas, with old thoughts, with fresh images and difficult propositions.

Dolce Bellezza – a blog I don’t yet know much about, but it is the home of “The Japanese Literature Challenge“, which I will undertake. This challenge was pointed out by Stephanie.

Words by Annie – a blog written by an 11 year old. I don’t yet know much about this blog either, but it is home to a reading challenge with an amusing book selection method: “What’s in a Name?” Challenge. Clearly, writing from the mind that created this idea is deserving of some attention. This one was also pointed out by Stephanie.

Gender Genie – a tool that appeared on bookblog to analyze writing and determine the author’s gender. Apparently it counts occurrences of 27 key-words which are used preferentially by men or women. Most of my writing seems to log in around 51% feminine and 49% masculine, so I view this as being silly. It was pointed out by Verbivore, whom I initially thought was male.

I had one more link I wanted to show, but it slipped my mind. It is late and I have a long day tomorrow and a busy weekend, so it will have to wait.


3 Responses to “Blogs and Links”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    So glad you are doing the Japanese Challenge!

    The gender genie thinks I am a male. It says I have twice as many male words than female words in my sample from yesterday’s blog post!

  2. Bellezza.mjs Says:

    I, too, am so glad to meet you AND have you join the Challenge. Your input will be very valuable, I’m sure. What fun we’ll have discussing Japanese literature! Thanks for jumping on board.

  3. verbivore Says:

    やさしいよ!!!ありがとうね. I also saw Annie’s website yesterday and was so impressed. What a great project for a young reader. I think I will be joining in on the Japanese challenge but I have yet to pick my books…hmm.

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