Gangplank Threat


My neighbor across the street has been getting more and more aggressive. After the run-in, where the husband made my friend shut off his car and told us to stop talking outside, I was hoping things would subside. However, hopes often deviate from reality.

Tuesday night my last students headed out about 9:45pm. I drove my car from the back of the house to my front parking area. When I pulled around the corner of the house, I saw my neighbor staring at me from their sliding door. The storm shutter was rolled down halfway, so she had to hunker down to spy on me. I felt like giving her a big friendly-neighbor wave, but thought better of it. She continued staring out at me until I went inside and closed the door; thinking to myself that I hope I’m allowed to park my car before 10pm.

Today, I had an afternoon class. Two of the students parked in front of my house and one parked in front of the rice field across the street. Mid-way through our lesson, I heard anxious knocking and yelling at my door. The neighbor was holding a sign with large pieces of strapping tape at the corners and frantically asking if the car parked in front of her house had some connection to me. Seeing no car in front of her house, I processed a bit, before I could figure out what she was talking about. About 50cm of the nose of my student’s car was in front of the house and it had a sign identical to the one she was holding taped on the windshield. When I said there was a connection she immediately stated that she was calling the police and the car would be removed.

I asked her if we could just back the car up a little and she ran on about realizing why so many cars were unfortunately parked in front of the rice field and that the police would surely come and deal with that. When my student went out and politely apologized before moving the car, she was also threatened with police action.

Personally, I don’t have many qualms about dealing with police officers. After all, they’re just people. So, I ignored that part of the discussion altogether; but, I really get bothered when people complain about things and, although everyone is apologizing and offering appeasement, continue to complain. Most other things have been falling into place, so I guess something has to go awry to balance it out.

For my personal amusement, instead of translating my neighbor’s name as Boat Bridge (舟橋), I have decided that a bridge off the side of a boat is a gangplank. So, today I got punitive threats from Mrs. Gangplank.


5 Responses to “Gangplank Threat”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Mrs. Gangplank, I love it! The office where I work is right next to a house. Th office is small, there are about 50 people who work there including myself. The neighbor for some reason hates us. She gets mad if she catches us looking out our second floor lunch room window at her dogs running around in her backyard. She gets mad is anyone parks in front of her house. We try to be nice to her because we want to be neighborly, but she is obnoxious and demanding. As a result the whole office makes fun of her though we don’t have anything as entertaining as Mrs. Gangplank to call her. Good luck in dealing with your neighbor. Hopefully you can come to some kind of peace.

  2. verbivore Says:

    Yuck and double yuck. People like that can be so poisonous. And dealing with their nuisance can be such a waste of time. I do hope things get resolved at some point. Or at least a healthy silent stalemate. 🙂

  3. びっくり Says:

    Stefanie – What horrid people you are: watching her dogs running around in the backyard. 😉 Sometimes I think people like that are just starved for human interaction, so they seek it out – good or bad. Good luck.

    Verbivore – Yes, poisonous is a good description of the feeling I get. I think things are mostly OK, but I would like to find a way to make them like me. Maybe I’m dreaming. I noticed that the person in charge of our block doesn’t seem to like interacting with me either, but she doesn’t do anything overt. Everyone else is a lot of fun.

  4. smithereens Says:

    Oh, this sucks… does she do that with everyone else or just you — the foreigner? I hope the situation finds some compromise! (or that she moves out 😉 )

  5. At Least They Aren’t Racist « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] month I posted (Dec 6 and Nov 29) about my neighbors, the Gangplank family, and their abusive behavior. Recently I found […]

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