Sorry for My Sparsity


Spent most of the weekend socializing, exploring, drinking away sorrows (which never works), and sleeping. I have been feeling lazy about posting and a little stressed about my upcoming JLPT exam on Sunday.

I’ll try to punch in some short entries this week and a post-test decompression post on Monday. One of my favorite topics – failed lessons in irony – is on the back burner. Thanks for your patience.


3 Responses to “Sorry for My Sparsity”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Drinking away sorrows doesn’t sound so good. I hope you are feeling less stressed and less sorrowful soon!

  2. ACGalaga Says:


  3. びっくり Says:

    Yeah, maybe I needed to use different words there. I don’t think I was consciously attempting to deal with any sorrows by drinking. I think I was subconsciously aware of the sorrows, and stopped by a couple restaurants where social drinkers hang out because they are always fun. The next day I was thinking about the things that were disappointing me consciously. Clearly, I would never suggest someone use drinking for a cure for anything. It has made me think about being more aware of my subconscious state; something I haven’t been doing lately.

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