Sunday Soundcheck 2


Step two in my new weekly series. The second kana is “i” as in “eat” or “beet”. The characters are: hiragana, い; and katakana イ. Today, I’ll throw in two useful words for each.

いいすぎる (iisugiru), also written in kanji as 言い過ぎる, means “say too much”; something I sometimes get accused of doing.

いってきます (ittekimasu), also written in kanji as 行って来ます, means “I’m going out and coming back soon!” A polite way to exit your home. It is used even when you expect to be gone all day. Sometimes used at a place you frequent if you want it to have a homey atmosphere.

イエスキリスト (iesukirisuto), means “Jesus Christ”, from Hebrew and Greek.

インフルエンザ (infuruenza), means “The Flu”, from Italian.


4 Responses to “Sunday Soundcheck 2”

  1. Smithereens Says:

    What a great idea to go over all the sounds! I had forgotten most hirganas and all katakanas, thanks for giving my brain cells a little exercise!

  2. verbivore Says:

    Great idea – I look forward to the weekly series.

  3. びっくり Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I plan to include a couple surprises toward the end. Of course, this will take almost a year to complete. I hope you can hang on that long.

  4. Sunday Soundcheck 74 « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] elongated by adding one of the vowel only characters which can be seen in Sunday Soundchecks One, Two, Three, Four and Five. Of course this is a little complicated by the fact that ‘o’ […]

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