Long Time No See


Today was a rather lazy day. I got a bit of housecleaning done in the morning, but when I sat down for lunch I turned on the square window to Hell. I spent too much time watching TV again.

This evening two teachers came over to practice calligraphy. We had one special guest. A friend of mine, who I met when he was a student at Mie University (三重大学), also dropped in. He has been working in Hong Kong (香港) for seventh months so I haven’t seen him in awhile.

We enjoyed a little Italian flair tonight. Yesterday, on our neighborhood trip, we stopped at Itariamura (イタリア村) and I was taken in by the Mercatore market. Prosciutto, green olive marinara, parmesan, and beers – all imported from Italy – found their way into my basket. We made salads with prosciutto and parmesan and cooked up some little salmon steaks.

Calligraphy was fun; everybody is advancing. My friend had to return home to Aichi tonight, but he drew a few works while he was here. He is Chinese, so he had a lot of practice when he was young. I noticed that his natural style definitely has a tendency toward rinshotai (臨書体), which I always think of as “very Chinese”.


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