Food Food (Food)


Sometimes my blog entries get translated. If someone uses Google to view my page through their automatic translating tools, it leaves a footprint on my blog stats page. It is always intriguing to see what country’s denizens are looking at my words, and to see which posts catch their eye. My style of writing is, at times, odd; leaving me wondering how well it translates to Dutch, Polish, or whatever other tongue. Sometimes I try to check for myself, but I just know a smattering of words and grammar in most languages.

More amusing still, is the fact that half the time my posts are translated into English. Rarely do I write in Japanese, other than showing terms in parentheses, so I wonder why I’m being translated. Perhaps readers in England are stumbling over my “American”.

Several of my category names are in Japanese with English in parentheses. Yesterday I noticed that I got six hits (out of my normal 25 to 50 hits) from people reading my “Food Food (Food)” category. Sure sounds like I like to eat. Automatic translation produced this from my 食物・食品(Food) category. Tabemono refers to foods, like: pizza, miso soup, crab cakes, etc., Shokuhin refers to food products, like: Hajime tea from Coca Cola; boil in a bag oden (おでん); and such. I included both of these in the category to be more general. It is also a good example of how one character can have multiple readings. Did you notice the ‘tabe’ and ‘shoku’ were both ‘食’?

Continue enjoying my blog in English, or English, or any other language. I will probably post more on Food Food (Food) when I get a lesson in proper miso soup preparation from a priest’s daughter.


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