Short Report


Saturday night I headed to Edobashi (江戸橋) with some English teachers to sing karaoke. I don’t know that we were any good, but we had some fun. We ran out of the place just in time to catch the late train back home.

Edobashi, as the Japanese name implies, is an old bridge from the Edo Period (江戸時代). The area in Tsu (津) surrounding the bridge also takes on the name. I like the bridge, but it can be a bit of a traffic bottleneck. Handling a lot of foot traffic between Mie University and the train station as well as a lot of cars, is not exactly what the designers were thinking of a couple hundred years ago.

Sunday morning I caught an early train south to Hisai (久居) in order to head north to Seki-juku (関宿) for a photo session. We had ten members and the Fall festival was going on. I will write more about this trip soon. I also found the old druggist’s shop that was being restored last summer when I visited with my little sister.

Sunday night I went to our chapter head’s home to meet up with our teacher, who couldn’t join us for the photo shoot. We put our memory cards into a computer, put it in slide show mode, and made him comment on our work. We were enjoying some drinks while talking about the festival and realized dinner might be a good idea. We ate Chinese and headed to the teacher’s home theater to watch “16 Blocks” with some more drinks.

Monday, is my prep and study day. In the morning I was heading out to learn about hanga (版画) in Touin Chou (東員町), but was pleasantly delayed by a neighbor. I shared some salt and vinegar flavored Tim’s Cascade Style chips with their daughter on Halloween. Sunday night they wanted to return my container, filled with tonjiru (豚汁), but I wasn’t home. So instead, I got an early morning delivery. It really hit the spot after drinking on Sunday night. Tonjiru is a kind of soup with tender pork in it: lots of vegetables, too.

Hanga is a kind of wood-carved lithography. For my first work, I only used two colors, because the complexity climbs rapidly with the number of colors. Also, less is often more: my teacher has made many amazing works, and most of them use three or four colors. Using ten colors would be an interesting technical challenge, but that doesn’t make it better art. I will write more about hanga soon, as well.

Monday night we planned to practice calligraphy, but we had a miscue on the eating plans; and we had a special guest showing us her masterful works. Although nobody put brush to page, I think it was a good educational opportunity, and inspiring, too.

My weekend vanished and tomorrow, I’m back at it. I will have Saturday classes and a birthday party and a Sunday trip, so I better get to bed soon. Wow, kind of a long post for not much detail.


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