Non-Existent Threat


At the beginning of my Japanese classes I ask the teacher questions. Grammar with which I am struggling; strange looks I got when I said something; billboards I couldn’t understand; whatever I want, I ask, and she answers.

I wrote two weeks back, about the milk delivery service offer and the apparent message that I must order their service. Well, this week I showed it to my teacher and she cleared up my translating error. Fortunately it uses the polite language that I am learning this month.

The phrase was:


We absolutely do not require mandatory ordering.

Much better than my previous translation:

From this point on, it is unacceptable to be unable to order (our service).

I actually don’t fully understand this, but I trust my teacher knows what she’s talking about. I expect that, by the end of November, I will be able to think properly about this type of sentence. Understanding a lot of Japanese sentences require me to not think like a native English speaker. Sometimes this makes my head hurt, but with practice it always gets easier.


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