Stayed up late on Tuesday cleaning house. Awoke early to sound of vibrating cell phone: “Read your new email! Read your new email!” Scrubbed out the kitchen cabinets. I moved in back in March and noticed they weren’t clean. Laziness or exhaustion kept me from cleaning them post haste. Necessity and fear of bacteria made me stack everything on or around my shiny, wheeled, wire shelving unit. Tonight’s planned Halloween party and frustration motivated me to start using the spacious cabinets that I loved so much on the walk-through eight months back.

Ultimately the cleaning and party prep time ran out and the kitchen is still a little rough around the edges, but tomorrow I will arrange more; and, it is far more useful than ever.

Picked up teaching supplies, business supplies, tasty Ichishi rice, and Tim’s Cascade Style chips while I was out and about. Managed to squeeze in visits to four potential clients along the way for good measure. One of them is on the brink and a couple others let me know that I was pushing a little too hard. I hope to have them all on board after the New Year holiday.

Last night I also managed to put some time into business scheduling and planning. I think my income now exceeds my (necessary) expenditures: always good to be solvent. I am about at about 50% of pre-independence income, but I am hopeful that following up with leads and getting a little word of mouth will leave me in a better-paid and less-worked position. So far, I have kept Mondays free of classes. This allows me the flexibility of planning or pursuing personal development. With any luck I can organize a schedule that maintains this status.

Positive point: I bought five rice bowls at Daiso 100 yen store. Got home and found a chip in one. Returned it, but they were sold out of replacements. Checked back three times (while there on other business) and came up empty-handed. Today, I hit another Daiso, saving gas because it was on the way to other destinations, and – YEAH – they had many of the same design. I picked up five more, so I am good for nine rice-eating guests until something breaks.

Word of the day: kuchikomi ( 口込み) – Word of Mouth


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