Dancing to Denny’s


I’ve been wanting to get bacon, eggs, and corned beef hash for awhile now. Sometimes cravings for western foods pop up and I either have to find a way to satisfy them here or wait for my next trip to the states. Normally I don’t eat at Denny’s, but they are a good source of what I was looking to eat. I stopped in a few weeks ago, late at night, hoping to chow down; but, found the breakfast menu is only available from 6am to 10am. I tried again last weekend, but forgot to ask for the morning menu and ended out eating lunch food.

Last night we went to the annual Halloween party at the local foreigner hang out. I haven’t been going there very often, but their Halloween events always turn out well. Opening night was the 2004 Halloween party. We had about 100 people in one room about the size that an American fire marshal would approve for 20; on top of that there was a band and dancing in there. People started moshing and, when I ultimately escaped the room, it dawned on me how hot it had been. It was a lot of fun, but my body was so fatigued.

A few of us grabbed a late night bowl of ramen before heading home. We made a general plan to grab breakfast at Denny’s. I was surprised how many of us made it in while they were still serving from the morning menu. The staff from the bar were all there as well, I think the party probably ended around 8am.

To get everything I wanted, I had to order two breakfasts. I love doing that in Japan because the waitress always assumes I have made some mistake and cancels my first order. Clearly explaining myself occasionally overcomes the unbelievable concept of one person wanting two meals. I got corned beef hash, bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, toast, and salad: craving satisfied!


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