Danger of Rejection


Because of some incessant viral problems, I have been using Ubuntu (a variant of Linux) as the OS for my computer. It is not a perfect replacement for Windows, and some of those issues are coming up more often recently.

One problem is that my nice Canon Pixus MP500 printer/copier/scanner is not well supported. It seems reasonable to expect any OS, that wants to be mainstream, to support printers from major manufacturers. Being a teacher and a member of a photo society, I need to print often. Typically I disconnect my computer from the internet, boot to Windows, and do my work that needs to be printed. This is a persistent annoyance for which I need a solution. The only solution suggested so far, is to purchase a printer from Epson because they are known to be supported. I might be in the market for a device that will print up to A3 size and print better quality photos. At that point, I could force my selection criteria to conform to the restrictions of Ubuntu.

Another problem is updating the OS. Most people familiar with Windows and Ubuntu might be taken aback by this statement. Generally, Ubuntu is pretty slick in this area. An icon that looks similar to the Maersk logo appears when updates are available (fairly often) and a couple mouse clicks and a password entry get things rolling. However, two key updates came up and cause errors when I attempt to install them. This has been bothering me for awhile because anytime other updates come in, I have to remember to de-select these two or face troubles. I have not gone through normal support channels to rectify this, but other attempts have failed.

This problem is hopefully mitigated by the recent upgrade to the next version. Now that this is available, I will see if moving to the new version obviates the need for the upgrades. Today I will give it a try: what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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