Ancient Japanese Wisdom?


I like CSI. At least, I used to like CSI. Two times now they have taxed my ability to maintain interest.

I like the fact that they almost always catch the bad guys: I want justice in this world, but I don’t want to be spoon-fed. I like the tough, intelligent female characters who still have human weaknesses: women need to see themselves portrayed in a positive and realistic light. But most of all, I think I identify with the reclusive Grissom, who is always studying or thinking about something.

This is the source of my recent frustrations. Grissom is not real, he is just a character acted out by William Peterson, but moreover, created by Hollywood writers. These writers are not scientists, so they get their scientific direction from wherever they can. My cynical opinion is that they just pull it off the internet, which is often just a big rumor mill.

Mistake one: Grissom stands in a crime scene at night and babbles on about how amazing it is that stars, people, trucks, and one other thing which I forget are all made from the same carbon. First, let me say, that I consider it a blessing that I have forgotten one item already. It is my fervent hope that I can purge all this from my memory soon. Did you see the problem? While people are indeed made from a lot of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (with a mix of odd minerals and chemicals thrown in), trucks and stars are not. Trucks do have some rubber and plastic parts which would contain some carbon, but they have a whole lot more metal. Stars should have a lot of helium and hydrogen, but not so much carbon.

He threw the silly “everybody has breathed some of the oxygen that Caesar breathed” bit into a show as well. It was totally non sequitur, seeming only to be there because some writer thought it was cool when he read his chain letter email. I let this slide, but won’t let the next one go.

Mistake two: Grissom mentioned the “Japanese Proverb”: Action without vision is a nightmare. Well, when people mention Japanese proverbs, I get curious and try to find them. I find this to be an excellent challenge for my language skills and helps me learn more about using my electronic dictionary. Sometimes I find them and sometimes I don’t. This is one of the “don’t” cases. As far as I can tell, this was created for a self help book called Paradigm Principles, written by Joel Barker. His book became very popular and so, this idea has spread. It is possible that I am mistaken and this was a Japanese saying, but this Japanese guy didn’t seem to think so.

Honestly, I still like the show, but all this kind of violated the fourth wall by making the inept writers more apparent. There have been other scientific and continuity problems on the show, but it is just entertainment. Why can’t there be genius scriptwriters? We have genius directors. We have genius book writers. Maybe I need to add a ‘rant’ category to my blog.


4 Responses to “Ancient Japanese Wisdom?”

  1. ACGalaga Says:

    I know many forensics officers who dislike the show due to its lack of realism, or more so, the bullshit they try to pass of as being real.

    Also, when it comes to entertainment, it’s not about being intelligent, it’s about what sells; flashy images and things that make the sheep feel smarter.

    Wow… that was extremely cynical of me.

    So, how are you?! 🙂

  2. ACGalaga Says:

    Now I feel bad for dissing the show as well as the viewers….

    I’m SO sorry! 😦

    Please forgive!!!!

  3. びっくり Says:

    Baa-baaaa. 😉

  4. Naomi Says:

    I can understand your position. On a side note, the actress who plays the character Sarah, will not be returning to the show after this year. She says that she is getting on in years and would like to focus her attention on other projects. Not sure if you are a fan of Sara but thought you might be interested to know.

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