New Students


Officially got agreement from a new class to start on the 18th. Slowly they are accumulating. This class lost their former teacher. Recently they have only been studying 2x a month, but I hope to have them back on a weekly schedule soon. It is hard going to study a language only once or twice a month.

I created a blog on which I post short, somewhat simple posts. Hopefully I can get students to read that as a way to keep them thinking about English all week long.

In other news, I helped another teacher pick up a very sexy TV today. I am tempted to pick one up for me too. Of course, I want a digital DVD recorder and a new PC; and I don’t have a full load of students, so maybe I should wait.

3 Responses to “New Students”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were freelance ESL teachers. I thought they were all attached to established schools.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Predominantly, people are teaching through the public schools or through the private English conversation schools, but there are some private instructors. Getting visas is a tough point. A lot of the private teachers are spouses of citizens or spouses of people here on long term work assignments. I am on a visa that has two years left and my government advisors tell me I am OK to continue with that. When it is expiring, I have to be sponsored or show more than a certain level of business (and hence tax) generation, to get an extension.

    I may have to face this issue sooner because my US passport expires before the visas, and the visas are affixed to pages in the passport. One more learning experience.

  3. Teacher friend Says:

    Yes. It is a sexy tv.

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