The community of English teachers seems to be very cliquish and fractured. The junior high teachers rarely interact with the high school teachers and both groups rarely interact with the private school teachers. Today one teacher pointed out to me that things seem much more lively and interconnected this year. I’d like to take some credit, but I have noticed a few people bridging the gaps.

Amusingly, I labeled the person who mentioned this trend, The Nexus. She has connections in all of the groups. I think this is one of the keys in bringing the groups together. I hope we can continue this trend, because it is nice to have an outlet where it’s possible to just relax and speak English. Particularly, it is nice to talk with someone who has a common cultural literacy. Otherwise, the culture shock stress can accumulate, even for someone who loves Japanese society.


2 Responses to “Nexus”

  1. kevenker Says:

    I’m surprised you weren’t the nexus!! And I’m surprised you didn’t give them a Japanese name!

  2. びっくり Says:

    I try to be The Nexus but people don’t like me as much, so I could only help with the building of bridges. The Nexus is a cool enough name to seem very anime-ish, so I didn’t need to create a Japanese name. 😉

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