Bikkuri Worship


After buying some toys at the Yodobashi electronics store at Akihabara station, I wanted to get a glimpse of the maid cafes and cosplay shops. Not that I have any particular desire to participate; merely because I was a little curious.

I like asking for directions. So much so, that I will ask for directions multiple times. In Japan there are a lot of side streets, streets with no names, streets at angles, and so on. Typically, the first set of directions gets me part way to my destination and then I find someone to give me another set to get me closer. When I’m asking for directions, I try to find someone who looks like they would know about my desired destination.

The first person we asked about maid cafes pointed us in the direction of Denkigai (電気街), but couldn’t give more detailed information. On our way there, I asked two young men who looked like they might be hunting for high-tech gadgets if we were headed the right way. They turned out to be game fanatics from Tochigi (栃木) and asked us to follow them. Along the way we discussed games a bit. When I mentioned working as a tester at Nintendo they got really perky. Suddenly, I became an object of worship because I came from the source of their games.

When we arrived at Denkigai, they were prepared to part ways with us until I mentioned that we wanted to see a maid cafe. One of them seemed alright with just telling us where we could find them, but the other got eyes like saucers and verified, “Maid cafes?” He insisted on taking us directly to his recommended location: Cute-M. I chatted with the hostess a little and got a map with directions for when I have time to stop for cake. There was quite a line, so we moved on.

We took a similar tack to find Don Quixote, which is a building containing a lot of costume stores for cosplay activity. These shops are all cheap, low-end shops. I saw a number of people walking around with very fancy outfits. I imagine there must be high-end shops.

One pair of girls were giving me directions to Don Quixote and my friend didn’t realize that they weren’t girls until they finished. I would have rather gotten directions from cute girls in costumes, but was just happy to get the directions.


One Response to “Bikkuri Worship”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Don Quixote–a very appropriate name for shops that help people pretend to be something they’re not!

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