Sky Girls


Sky Girls was showing on the TV while I was typing in yesterday’s post. I think it is a brand new anime series. It seems that most anime is shown in the middle of the night here. When I first came to Japan, I was hoping to find certain shows on DVD here. I was disappointed at first, but realized that for the most part ‘normal’ people don’t watch it. At certain types of restaurants, I occasionally run across people who know about ‘Cowboy Bebop’ or ‘Kino no Tabi’; however, the average person just stares at me blankly when I mention those.

Most folks know about Disney partner, Studio Ghibli, and kids programs that appear on network TV – Anpanman, Conan, Pokemon, …

Sky Girls looks like it falls into the fairly large genre of shows with adolescent looking girls, in sexy outfits, who have amazing powers and have to save the world. Here’s the website. Oh, here’s a shot of Sonic Diver – one of the cool pieces of technology.

I wasn’t paying much attention, so I can’t comment on the storyline, but I’m guessing that won’t have much impact on the folks who are drawn to this type of show.


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