Another Trendy Tea


I wrote about the trend of tea being sold in plastic bottles with nostalgic-feeling marketing. I neglected to mention DyDo’s popular product ‘Ha no Cha‘ (葉の茶), which I will just translate as ‘Tea of the Leaf’ for simplicity’s sake. It doesn’t have all the nostalgic trappings, but it is popular and has a cute tea leaf character on the label and website.

My date today was talking about some of the marketing difficulties involved in selling tea. One point is that most restaurants, still today, will provide green tea for free. Even some supermarkets will have free tea.

Also, tea is usually purchased as leaf to be steeped at home. People make large quantities of tea and send the kids off to school with thermoses of it. The price, even for high-quality, is quite inexpensive.

So, it took some serious marketing to get people to the point where they would pay money for tea. After all – tea is free.


2 Responses to “Another Trendy Tea”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    That sounds like drip coffee here. Now that we have large commercial companies, and I’m not naming any names, selling fancy coffee beverages and espresso for a pricey sum, many other places offer the less regarded drip coffee for free or at the very low price in comparison.

    Admittedly, I am a coffee snob. I lowered myself to drink the premium free drip coffee offered at work the other day, loaded it up with cream & sugar, and was then able to drink the smallest cup created by mankind. 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    When I was working in Siracusa, Italy on Sicily, we would have espresso at a cafe after lunch everyday. The Italians loaded a ton of sugar into their cups. When asked about this, they said, “The espresso is horrible, so we use the sugar.”

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