Talk, Talk, Talk, Eat, Eat, Eat


Went to Inazawa (稲沢) for a cultural exchange last night. Stayed overnight with a friendship society member. In the morning she offered me a choice of Western breakfast or Japanese breakfast. She troubled herself to make both, even though she knew I love Japanese food: just imagine how far she would go to care for someone visiting from America.

I put the ‘or’ in italics above, because it really meant ‘and’; she gave me plenty of the Western and the Japanese foods. I shoveled in the two breakfasts as another member arrived to take me to an Italian restaurant for breakfast number three. I was hoping to have a lot of discussion with an interesting shuji teacher, but another acquaintance invited themselves and proceeded to talk at an unbelievable speed, without cessation, for several hours. I got a few sentences in, but had to talk across the other stream of words. We only stayed there for just over two hours, but the unstoppable flow of gossip continued into the parking lot, along the road in the car, and on into the next restaurant.

This location was another Italian restaurant, where it was insisted that I order the full set: soup, salad, and pasta. We got respite from the eating (but not the chattering) around 1pm as we headed to the hospital in Nagoya (名古屋) to visit a friend who is in his fourth round of cancer surgeries in the last three years.

He took us to the cafeteria where we were served sandwiches and unlimited beverages. Because the drinks were refillable, I was pressured to have at least three, to get our money’s worth. I cut off our conversation to hop a subway and train to Shiroko (白子) in Suzuka (鈴鹿) for a beach BBQ. Fortunately, nobody forced me to eat after my sixth meal of the day. I’d consider taking up bulimic practices, but I don’t want the acid to damage my teeth.


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