Dress for Success


Picked up a few new teachers this afternoon and headed for a shopping area to the south. Checked out the sporting goods store and then wandered around a bit. Since the other teachers have recently arrived they don’t have a lot of personal belongings yet.

One teacher decided it would be good to get some nice shirts for wearing to school. We hit upon a summer clearance sale and sifted through the goods. There were three sections of items priced at 500, 700, and 1000 yen respectively. I couldn’t resist the summer-weight powder blue blazer and a pink crew neck shirt from Alphasophy.

The next section over had shirts that were not on sale. The prices were around 6 to 8,000 yen. I am always baffled by how dramatically different the prices on clothing can be. Also, the sales always seem early. The weather is still quite hot, but the summer clothes are on sale and a most stores had sweater-type clothes out.


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